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Do you remember building a balsa model airplane as a kid? Have you wanted to pass along your knowledge? Are you involved with a youth group looking for quality projects that can teach many different skills, and bolster creative thinking, decision making and patience in young people? Have you slowed down and possibly looking to reconnect with an old passion that slipped away? Maybe you started with an ARF and have a desire to see a plane that you built take to the skies. These are all good reasons to join our national endeavor to bring back kit building to our wonderful hobby. We created the Build With Balsa initiative to make it easy to get involved, stay involved and have some good old childhood fun. The question is are you still kid enough to join us?

Our goal is to jump start the next generation of model airplane builders and reinvigorate the old guard of model aviation. What better way to do this than with a line of simple, fun and affordable kits that anybody can build and fly. That's why we developed our 54 series kits. It's our hope that many will participate in one of several ways.

Individuals can purchase Series 54 kits to build or donate to local groups like the Boy Scouts and others. You can offer your help to new modelers that are starting their first kit build. 

Groups can purchase kits for their members, sign up for free online instructional videos and have access to information that will help your adventure in aviation get off the ground.

AMA clubs can purchase kits for a winter build challenge or "build night" activity and get the members involved. Clubs can also do community outreach to find young aspiring aviators that will become the members of tomorrow. 

There are so many ways to participate and bring back Building With Balsa across America. Get creative and devise your own plan of attack or enjoy a quiet evening on your own with that old trusty X-Acto. The most important decision you can make is one to get involved.

Visit our Store to see the Series 54 kits available now. 

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Series 54 Club

"To do great things one must first decide to do the little things that make a great big difference." 

You can join us by participating in our Series 54 Club program. This program gives you discounts on kits and access to special features like instructional videos and members only content.  Check it out today.